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Shop partition

The shop partition symbolizes an uncomplicated shop partition. The textile fabric is a cheap and reliable alternative to expensive glass systems.


Our vision of the shop partition is to close sales rooms as simple as possible regardless of opening times.


Without the need for a floor guide, areas up to 20 m can be closed with just a cloth box. As a double system, sales rooms up to 40 m can be closed.


Like the Trentex roller shutter, the system is recognized by insurance companies as secondary protection.


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Product variants

Trentex shop partition - black

The black grid is the first alternative to a glass folding system. The grid offers a clear view of your shop's expenses, even after the shop closes. The special fabric is dirt-repellent, impregnated and UV-resistant. The material is also antibacterial and flame retardant.

Trentex shop partition - individual printing

Our printed fabric is available in two versions. A slightly transparent mesh fabric, in which the customer can only see what is hidden behind the partition when he is close and alternatively the absolutely opaque Artist heavy fabric. Both types of fabric offer photo-realistic print quality with high color brilliance. The printed curtains offer you the opportunity to present your individual advertising on the shop partition. Both types of curtains are dirt-repellent, UV-resistant, antibacterial and flame-retardant.

Trentex shop dividing - silver grid mesh 

The silver curtain offers little transparency and is ideal for shops where you should not see what items are in them when closed. The mesh is impregnated against dirt, UV-resistant, antibacterial and flame-retardant.

Areas of application


The simple partition is the optimal solution for your catering area. With Trentex, access to the dining areas is clearly separated.

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Together with Portec Metallbausysteme GmbH we have been delivering individual solutions for your shop windows since 1996.

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If your mall gets closed at night, the Trentex roller shutter or the Trentex shop partition is a cost-effective variant for securing your shop, which is recognized by insurance companies.

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Grocery stores

The separation of sales areas in supermarkets such as a separate bakery within the supermarket is one of the main areas of application for Trentex.

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We come to you to ensure a tailor-made shop partition



We come to you to ensure a tailor-made shop partition.



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